Ontario Nature


Ontario Nature wanted to draw attention to the health benefits of conserving natural areas, particularly in Ontario’s groundbreaking Greenbelt.  They decided to create a series of booklets about specific health benefits – from children’s well being to mental health.  GL Communications researched, wrote and designed the booklets and created a complementary website with an easy-to-use database of natural attractions in the Greenbelt.



Clean Air Partnership


The CAP website was facing significant security threats when GL Communications was called on to create a new more navigable and secure site.  We worked with CAP staff to reorganize the extensive existing material from the old site, streamline navigation and create a sleeker identity.  This led to the additional task of refining the multi-element CAP logo to create something more graphically balanced and amenable to online use.  Finally, we trained CAP staff in use of the Drupal content management system so that they could take care of day-to-day website maintenance.



Toronto Environmental Alliance


TEA’s unique Good Neighbours campaign was designed to engage industries in a positive way to address their environmental impacts.  GL Communications worked with TEA to develop a friendly website that would support their community engagement efforts.   



Wildlife Conservation Society Canada


WCS is a major international conservation organization, but its independent Canadian arm is much less well known here than other wildlife organizations.  We worked with WCS Canada to create materials explaining their unique scientific research role to potential supporters and have continued to help them with their regular e-newsletter.  Meanwhile, GL also created a consistent design process for the international organization’s Working Paper research series and developed the format for a similar set of Canadian papers as well as for the American Bison Society.



Long Point Basin Land Trust


Dedicated to conserving the tremendous natural diversity of Ontario’s Carolinian region in the Haldimand-Norfolk area, the Land Trust needed a more professional website and wanted to establish an e-newsletter to accompany a traditional print newsletter.  GL Communications developed a Wordpress-based website that highlights the beauty of the area and includes a nature sightings discussion board that supports the Trust’s work to protect species and raise awareness of the special features of its area.  We also established and continue to design and craft content for LPBLT’s e-newsletter, which is growing rapidly in popularity.



Canadian Environmental Law Association


CELA recognized a need to update its branding and improve its website.  GL Communications crafted a three-step process for updating its brand and materials, starting with an internal ideation “wish list” process, followed by development of a new mark and graphic template, and then development of a new website.  Recognizing the need for some immediate improvements, we helped CELA improve the text and navigation for its existing website.  CELA is currently in the brand development stage and we will continue to work with them in selecting and implementing a new brand.  GL also provided CELA with an introduction to the fundamentals of social media as another step toward improving their communications.