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Our distributed creation model means we can serve the full spectrum of client needs without a large core staff.  Instead, GL Communications has built a tightly knit network of independent designers, web builders and social media experts to match the specific needs of our clients without a lot of overhead.  Because our experienced partners are the hub of this network, quality and performance are consistently top shelf and solutions are custom crafted to meet client needs and objectives. 



Partner - Brad Cundiff


Brad started his career as a journalist writing for many major environmental publications, including Canadian Geographic and Equinox, as well as doing business reporting for the Financial Post.  Together with partner Tracy Kett, he then founded and edited Green Living: The Urban Guide to the Environment from 1989-1992.  Seeing the need to help organizations better communicate environmental issues, the partners then formed Green Living Communications, which has provided strategic communications advice and services to environmental organizations for more than 20 years.  Brad combines an excellent technical understanding of communication tools with an ear for compelling messages and an eye for strategic opportunities.


Partner - Tracy Kett

Tracy has an extensive background in editing and production with many of Canada’s largest media companies, including Telemedia, Maclean Hunter, and the Globe and Mail. As well as an excellent eye for detail and a strong knowledge of production, Tracy is proficient in print and web design, project management and has written about numerous environmental issues. Her passion is food and social justice and she has recently completed the Ryerson Food Security program.


Key Associates:


Lisa Rebnord - Print and web design. Lisa has a wealth of design and illustration experience and has worked extensively for Green Living Communications on numerous web and print projects. She is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design and has done further professional development studies at the Ontario College of Art and Toronto Image Works. She has worked for a wide variety of

clients, ranging from LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) to Transcontinental.


Richard Munter - Web design and development, and videography. Richard has more than 15 years of experience in multimedia work. He has developed communication materials for numerous clients, including the City of Brampton, Oakville Hydro, Toronto Waterfront

Revitalization Corporation, and XM Satellite Radio. Richard has worked with Green Living on numerous web and video projects.


Sherri Gallowitz - Design and branding. Sherri has more than 20 years of international experience in branding and cause marketing.  She has developed visual identities for everything from the Regent Park Film Festival to the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.  Sherri is skilled at expressing the unique character of each organization she works with through their brand and visual identity.